Sage Integration

Calance was tasked with helping one of their clients create an integration that connected Sage Insurance and Procore's project management software. Procore's Open API allowed Calance to help their client eliminate data silos between their project management system and insurance software. By connecting the two solutions, Calance's client was able to eliminate double entry, adhere to compliance standards and focus on strategic deliverables.

The Need for an Integration

Construction is a difficult and chaotic beast to tame. And there is already enough to manage that construction teams shouldn't have to worry about designing software to integrate the various point solutions used to run their jobsite.

Calance helps their clients with an integration framework called Dimension. Using Procore's open API, Calance created an integration for their client that would free their resources from the inefficiencies that siloed data creates.

Daniel Williams, Director of Integration and Development at Calance, says, "Our customers need to build things. They need to make sure that the five-story structure they're building is compliant with all the state and city codes. They need to be able to sell that completed structure for a price that guarantees profit. These are the things our clients need to focus on. They don't need to re-invent the integration technology from scratch."

Closing the Information Gaps

Insurance compliance is a complicated system to navigate in the construction industry. Nationwide insurance requirements don't always match up with state requirements, making it difficult for vendors to keep up on regulations.

Because of this, it was critical that Calance's client be able to consolidate information from their Sage Insurance software with their project management software, Procore.

Having a centralized global insurance management system would allow this client to monitor their insurance policies while letting project-level insurance in Sage propagate to committed contracts. It would also free up their time to focus on strategic deliverables, not data entry.

"Procore's open API is very simple, clear, intuitive, and uses a RESTful pattern which makes development very straightforward."

Daniel Williams
Calance Director of Integration and Development

Using Procore's Open API to Create a Seamless System

Having worked with many different APIs over the years, Daniel Williams was happy to have found one that was easy to use.

Daniel says, "Procore's open API is different from others that we've used previously because it is very simple, clear, intuitive, and uses a RESTful pattern which makes development very straightforward. Our whole development team appreciates how Procore has taken the time and effort to design something that is modern and functional."

Protecting Reputations with Cloud-Based Security

Reputation is the most valuable intangible that a company owns. And unlike in-house servers, cloud-based solutions are much better at keeping client data secure.

Using Procore's cloud-based Open API and Calance's Dimension software to integrate solutions, IT departments are no longer solely responsible for keeping up with ever-evolving security threats.

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