Rest API Lifecycle

Rest API Lifecycle Phases

The Rest API lifecycle comprises three distinct phases.

  • Active: Current version of the API and is fully supported. Ongoing feature releases, bug fixes, and enhancements to functionality may occur in this phase.
  • Deprecated: Has been superseded by a newer API version. A deprecated API version will be supported for a period of one (1) year following the date of deprecation. However, no new development occurs during this phase. New applications are denied access to deprecated APIs.
  • Decommissioned: API resources are no longer available on production. This occurs at the conclusion of the ‘Deprecated’ phase.

Rest API Lifecycle Management

This table provides additional information on how the Rest API product is managed through the lifecycle.

Phase API Resources Support Documentation Change Notification
  • API is live in Production.
  • New resource versions released periodically with new features, enhancements, fixes, etc.
  • Technical support available at
  • Released with new API versions.
  • Reference documentation maintained.
  • Changelog entries published for updates to resource endpoints.
  • Developer Portal notifications covering new resource version releases.
  • API is live in Production.
  • Fixes deployed as needed.
  • No new development.
  • Technical support available at
  • Endpoint reference pages marked as ‘Deprecated’.
  • Developer Portal notification and announcement prior to deprecation.
  • Changelog entries published only for fixes and related changes.
  • API is no longer accessible in Production.
  • Support no longer provided.
  • Reference pages no longer accessible in Production.
  • Developer Portal notification and announcement prior to decommissioning.
  • Final decommission announcement.


Please reach out to if you have any questions regarding the Rest API lifecycle.