Technical Requirements

Below are the Marketplace, Software, and Metadata requirements for applications published on the Procore App Marketplace.

Download these requirements as a PDF!

Marketplace Requirements

  • Applications submitted to the Procore App Marketplace must be final versions. The App Marketplace is not a software testing service! Demos, betas, and trial versions of your application do not belong on the Marketplace.
  • Make sure there is no placeholder text, empty websites, and any other temporary content has been scrubbed before you submit it. And make sure you’ve turned on and initialized any necessary back-end services and set them to Production versions!
  • Your application must be registered and linked to a proper App ID and Application Name. Any applications that reference the live Procore API without reference to their App ID will be rejected.
  • Prior to publication, you must verify that your application is showing up in the Developer Portal, and that all calls to the Procore API endpoints are appearing as they are made. We can’t allow an application to be published that we cannot track. This is necessary so that we can monitor server usage and application security.

Software Requirements

  • All applications may only use Procore’s publicly documented production APIs.
  • Applications that transmit viruses, files, computer code, or programs that harm or disrupt Procore user’s experience including Push Notifications will be rejected.
  • Your application must use the approved Oauth mechanism for authenticating users. Any use of embedded logins or passwords is strictly prohibited; your application must support the full token - refresh mechanism in order to be published.
  • Applications must not make excessive use of polling mechanisms, and should strive to use Procore’s event-based mechanisms for determining when and how to update data.
  • Integrations should not display ad banners or test advertisements within Procore.

Metadata Requirements

  • Please ensure the content for your marketplace tile, description, screenshots, and previews accurately reflect the integration’s core experience and remember to keep them up to date as you release new versions.
  • Screenshots must show the application in use, and not merely title art, login page, or splash
  • Select the most appropriate category for your application. Should through the review process we deem otherwise, Procore maintains the ability to re-label any category submitted to its Marketplace.
  • Do not include Procore’s name in the description of your App title (e.g., Procore Connector). Application names must be limited to 50 characters and should not include terms or descriptions that are not in the title of the application.
  • Applications which require the purchase of software or charge for the integration itself must indicate this as part of the metadata.
  • Applications which allow users to leverage their connector for free must be this on the App Marketplace, and cannot run this as a trial.
  • Application submissions must include support documentation, dedicated and escalation policies, and publicly accessible URL for support documentation is hosted.
  • If you lack the ability to host support documentation please notify Procore and we can host this content for you.

Branding Guidelines

Please visit our Brand and Logo page for information on incorporating the Procore brand in your application.

If you need further information or assistance help, please contact