Sales and Support Requirements

In order for your App submission to be accepted by Procore, you will need to satisfy the following sales and support requirements.

Primary Sales Contact Information

The following information is needed regarding the primary sales contact for your App. This information will not be displayed on the App Marketplace directly. We will use this contact information for forwarding leads when they fill out the contact form on our site.

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address

Sales Team Training

Your sales team must be knowledgeable about the Procore integration and capable of supporting customers who may contact them regarding its use or implementation.

Establish a Viable Support System

Critical to the success of your App/integration is the availability of a viable and capable support system. You must provide a means for customers to easily contact your support team via email and/or telephone. The first line of support for troubleshooting issues with your App should be done by your support team. Customers should NOT be directed to Procore Support for help with your App. If your team finds a possible technical problem with your integration and Procore, they can escalate the issue to their Procore Partner Manager to coordinate a resolution to the problem. Procore Support is not equiped to troubleshoot technical issues with an integration. Please work with your Procore Partner Manager and our publisher team to debug technical issues with your integration.

To provide an acceptable level of technical support for your App you must:

  • Establish and maintain an active support medium with up-to-date support content.
  • Agree to keep your App's support information and user documentation updated as changes occur.
  • Provide a publicly accessible URL for support documentation.
  • Publish clearly stated hours-of-operation for your support team.

Support Landing Page

Provide a Support page on your corporate website that includes the following:

  • Clear instructions on ‘how to get started’ using your App/integration.
  • Detailed summary of what the core App does and how it interacts with Procore through the integration.
  • Privacy policy in English that details how your App will be using any third-party data.

Support Contact Information

  • Support email address (mandatory)
  • Support telephone number (optional)
  • Support hours of operation

Support Documentation

  • Provide a URL to your support article or upload a .docx with the support content.
  • Describe what your application does.
  • Describe What your integration does. (in-depth, and how to activate it)
  • Provide the version number of the integration and last date it was updated.
  • Test account (for the internal Procore QA team only). Must be capable of testing all functions of the integration.
  • Demo video is optional, screenshots are necessary.