Technology Partner Integrations


Procore Connect enables our technology partners to help Procore users enjoy a best in class experience, irrespective of what problem they are seeking to solve. When Procore technology partners integrate their solution with Procore, both parties win. Our technology partners leverage Procore’s developer resources and technical services engineers to build integrations which solve specific problems for our shared customer base. Customers benefiting from both platforms are able to better realize the value of their investment and are more willing to stay with the solutions which offer them greatest value. Extend your company's reach by becoming a Procore technology partner and explore the opportunity to offer your application/integration to other members of the Procore user community. Join our Technology Partner Program today!

The Procore Technology Partner Journey

Get Started with Self-Service

All Procore technology partners begin their journey by leveraging the self-service components available in the Procore Developer Portal. During this stage, partners and their developers are able to learn about and explore the capabilities of the Procore Connect API, register an application, experiment with a development sandbox, take advantage of various training resources, and request email support from our Technical Services team.

Procore technology partners progress through the following steps during the Self-Service stage:

Publish to the App Marketplace

Once you have successfully navigated the Self-Service stage you can pursue developing an application for publication on our App Marketplace. Benefits of App Marketplace presence include use of the Procore Partner logo, the ability to post on Procore social media blogs, eligibility to participate in Procore webinars, and potential involvement in special marketing campaigns. As you work toward publishing your application on the App Marketplace, you will step through the following tasks.

  • Complete our App Marketplace technical validation process
  • Launch and complete a beta program for your application
  • Acquire and submit positive customer testimonials
  • Publish your approved application on the App Marketplace

Review the Marketplace Content Requirements and Marketplace Technical Requirements for additional information.

Apply for Strategic Partnership

The final stage in your journey as a Procore Technical Partner is to secure a Strategic Partnership. As a Strategic Partner you will be eligible for involvement in market-driven Procore initiatives, have the opportunity to be featured in a Procore partner case study, participate in Procore integrated marketing campaigns, and enjoy access to a dedicated Procore partner engineer. Completing the following requirements will place you on the right track to becoming a Procore Strategic Partner.

  • Successfully complete our technical validation
  • Define and implement acceptable Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Complete our partnership agreement
  • Work in concert with Procore to define an effective go-to-market strategy

Additional Information

Sign up to become a Procore Technical Partner and let our Partnerships Team guide you through each step in your journey to developing and deploying a successful Procore integration.