App Marketplace Requirements

We want to help you succeed so we created this guide to ensure we have all the necessary content to properly display your App listing on the App Marketplace. Please ensure the content you supply for your App Marketplace tile, descriptions, screenshots, and video accurately reflect the App’s core experience. Please note, this is a working document and subject to change, but for now, we have a few requirements for setting up your App listing in the Marketplace.

To get started, you can download this helpful App Marketplace Submission Form as a fillable PDF!

Requirement Description
  • Must be a clear and intuitive friendly name suitable for the App Marketplace tile.
  • Avoid tradmark and copyright infringements on existing products and services.
  • The Procore name must not be included in the App Name.
  • Must not conflict with any App Name that curently exists on the App Marketplace.
  • Refrain from using the name of an Independent Software Vendor (ISV).
  • Choose a product category that corresponds to the main functionality of your App.
  • Select from the following... Accounting, Analytics, Bidding/Estimation, BIM, CRM, Document Management, Photo & Video, Quality & Safety, Scheduling, System Integrator, Time & Material Tracking, or Other
  • Note: Procore retains the right to re-assign your App to a different category if, upon review, we deem your category choice to be incorrect.
Short Description
  • Provide a brief, clear, and concise description of your App. This will be used for the tile hover text and the search text. (Maximum 40 characters)
Functional Benefits
  • Provide three functional benefits of your App to be used as bullet points on the App Marketplace page. Please limit this content to 100 characters per bullet item.
Long Description
  • Provide a detailed description of your App. This description will be displayed on the App Marketplace. (Maximum 500 characters)
Integration Description
  • Provide a description of how the integration between Procore and your App works. (Maximum 500 characters)
Procore Product Lines
  • Clearly state which Procore product lines are required in order to take advantage of your integration.
  • Provide a minimum of 3 screenshots. Accepted File Formats: .PNG or .JPG. (Minimum resolution for .JPG: 1920x1080px at 72dpi)
  • Show the application in use, and not merely title art, login page, or a splashscreen.
  • 200 x 200 px dimensions with a transparent or white background. File Formats: Vector .EPS and .PNG
  • Distinctive icon that does not resemble the Procore icon (see Procore Branding Guidelines).
  • Icon does not infringe on anyone else's copyright or trademark.
  • Banner format
Demo Video
  • Accepted File Formats: .MP4 or .MOV, Minimum resolution: 720p, 24fps screen recording. Must include instructional voice over and transcript. Maximum time: 3 min
  • Your video will be displayed on the App Marketplace. Please submit the actual video file, providing a download link (e.g., Dropbox, for files larger than 10mb. Links to online videos will not be accepted.
  • You can choose to display a price or opt to be contacted.
  • If your integration requires the purchase of software or you charge for the integration itself, then clearly indicate this in the your submission.
  • Apps can have trial period, but the integration itself cannot have a trial period. It is either free or paid.
Company Information
  • Company Name
  • Company URL Landing Page
  • Company logo with a transparent or white background. Accepted File Formats: Vector .EPS (preferred), or .PNG
  • Company Summary (Maximum 500 characters). Let the audience get to know your company a little better by giving them your history and/or experience.