Request Header Requirements for Multiple Procore Zones (MPZ)


Procore's network toplogy includes Multiple Procore Zones (MPZ). MPZ allows us to distribute our customer load across a larger pool of infrastructure to provide better scalability, durability, and security. MPZ allows us to distribute our infrastructure over multiple geographical locations. In order for your application to function properly in the context of MPZ, you will need to adhere to specific implementation requirements for your request headers.

MPZ Request Header Requirement

Each call your application makes to the Procore API must contain a request header that includes the Procore-Company-Id field. This request header field specifies the id of the company into which you are making the call. It is important to note that even though an endpoint might require the company_id as a path or query parameter, MPZ still requires you to include the Procore-Company-Id field in the request header. There are two endpoints that do not require the Procore-Company-Id field (Show User Info and List Companies), however it is best practice to always include it.

Below is a cURL example showing a call to the List Projects endpoint. In this example, we use the -H flag to specify the Procore-Company-Id request header field.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <access token>” -H "Procore-Company-Id: xxxxxxxxx" -X GET

MPZ and Service Accounts

The Procore-Company-Id request header field is not required when you are using Service Accounts with the OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials grant type. See Using Service Accounts with MPZ for additional information.