Generating a Development Sandbox

In this section we cover the process for generating a Development Sandbox that you can use throughout the lifecycle of your project. Development Sandboxes include pre-seeded company and project data that you can expand upon to aid you in your development and test activities. A development sandbox provides an isolated environment in which you can experiment and validate without the risk of affecting production data.

  1. First, log in to the Developer Portal and navigate to ‘My Apps’.
  2. Next, click the tile for the App that you want to create a development sandbox for.
  3. In the Sandbox Account panel, click ‘Generate Sandbox’. A confirmation dialog displays.
  4. Click ‘Generate Sandbox’ again to confirm the generation of your sandbox.

It will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes to create your sandbox. You will receive an email notifying you regarding the availability of your sandbox, as well as a URL link to set your password in the sandbox environment. Once your sandbox has been successfully generated and your password has been set, you can:

  • Log in to Procore and follow the Concierge process to fill the sandbox company with seed data.
  • Retrieve your client_id and client_secret API keys for your sandbox from the Developer Portal.
  • Retrieve an access token and refresh token for use with OAuth authentication.
  • Retrieve the URL for your individual sandbox environment.
  • Access your sandbox Company using your Developer Portal login username (email address) and your recently set password.
  • Add and modify data in your sandbox environment using the Procore Web UI.
  • Make Procore Connect API calls to your sandbox environment.

Keep in mind that on your first login attempt to your new sandbox Company you will be prompted to set your password for Procore access. This is separate from and does not affect your Developer Portal account password.