Managing App Collaboration

If you have a team of developers in your organization you can use the Manage Collaborators feature to add team members and assign them to various roles. Each role (Owner, Administrator, and Developer) has a specific set of permissions that define what a team member can do based on their role.

To begin managing your team, log in to the Developer Portal, visit My Apps, choose the App you want to work in and scroll down to the 'Manage Collaborators' section. You will see each team member listed along with their current role assignment.

collabs modal

Each role has a defined set of permissions for actions that can be taken by a team member. To see which permissions are defined for each role, click View Permission Details.

permissions details

Adding a Team Member

You can add members to your development team and assign them to appropriate roles based on their function within your organization.

  1. On the Manage App page, scroll down to the 'Manage Collaborators' section.
  2. Click Add Another User.

  3. add team member

  4. Enter the Email Address for the new team member, select the appropriate role (Admin or Developer), and click Send Invitation.

An email is sent out to the new team member inviting them to join your development team. The list of team members is updated to include the new team member with a status of 'Pending Invitation'. After they accept the email invite and join the team, they have access to the App on the Developer Portal with the permissions defined by their assigned role.

Additional Actions

In addition to adding new members to your development team, as an Owner or Admin you can perform other actions to help manage collaboration on your project.

  • You can transfer ownership of the App to one of the other team members.
  • You can remove a member from your development team.