Creating a New App

Once you have registered your Developer Account you can create a new App in the Procore Developer Portal. The following steps show you how to properly navigate the Developer Portal and successfully create a new App.

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the Developer Portal landing page.
  2. Click Sign In to log in to your Developer Portal account.
  3. Navigate to the My Apps page and click Create a New App. The Create New App dialog displays.
  4. Enter an App Name. This will be the name you use to refer to your application internally within your organization.
  5. Click Create. You are presented with a new page for your App where you can configure a number of settings.

Uploading an Avatar for your App (optional)

You have the option to upload an image to be used as the publicly-displayed avatar for your application.

  1. In the App Settings card, do one of the following:
    • Click Attach File or Drag and Drop, select an image file to upload and click Open.
    • On your computer, locate and select the image and drag it to the App Settings card.
  2. Click Update to save your changes.

Log in to the Development Sandbox and Set Password

As part of the App creation process, we generate a development sandbox for you to use while you build and test your new App. You will receive an email notifying you that your development sandbox is ready for use. You will need to log in and set a password for your new development sandbox using the following steps. (Note: the password link on the notification email expires after 24 hours.)

  1. In the body of the notification email, click Set My Sandbox Password. You are redirected to the ‘Reset Password’ login page.
  2. Enter a new password for your sandbox account, adhering to the password requirements listed on the page.
  3. Re-enter your new password for confirmation and click Set Password.
  4. After your password has been successfully reset, click Back to Login.
  5. Log in to your development sandbox using your new sandbox account email and password.
  6. Select the company associated with your App and click Continue.
  7. Follow the on-screen directions for ‘Getting Started’.