Retrieving Authentication Keys

Once your have registered your application on the Developer Portal, you will have access to the Client ID and Client Secret authentication keys that you will use in your application to authenticate with the Procore API. You will use the Client ID, which is considered public information, to build login URLs or include in Javascript source. The Client Secret, on the other hand, must be kept confidential. If your application is unable to maintain confidentiality with the Client Secret, as is the case with single-page Javascript applications or native applications, then you should not use the Client Secret. This is common with applications that implement the Implicit grant type.

You can retrieve the authentication keys for your application with the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Developer Portal and click the tile for the application that you want to retrieve keys for.
  2. Scroll down to the App Credentials section.
  3. Now, simply click into the Client ID field to copy the key value to the clipboard, then paste that value into your source code as needed.
  4. Similarly, click into the Client Secret field to copy the key value to the clipboard, then securely store this value in your system as needed.

You can return to your application page in the Developer Portal at any time to retrieve your authentication keys.